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Wilkinsburg Perspectives

Send in your thoughts, feedback, and questions! Our volunteers will add at least three new perspectives each week.

Connor Z

It’s plain simple. Wilkinsburg residents pay MORE money for the EXACT services that the city of Pittsburgh is providing. Our schools are underfunded despite some of the highest tax rates in the state. Merging with the city of Pittsburgh would immediately provide economic relief to all of the struggling families of Wilkinsburg, improve our schooling system, and enable greater economic opportunity for businesses. Our children deserve better.

Robert P

I am a strong believer in partnerships. Wilkinsburg has tried for years to go it alone. It’s time to think differently without giving up the traditions of Wilkinsburg. Regaining it’s history and becoming a vibrant community once again.

Wilkinsburg Perspectives
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Please submit your thoughts, feedback, and questions. Our volunteers will add the perspectives of at least three new people each week to the public site. This feature is intended to support meaningful, authentic dialog among Wilkinsburg residents. Comments that are overtly inflammatory or include profanity or insults will not be added to the public site.

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