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Wilkinsburg Perspectives

Send in your thoughts, feedback, and questions! Our volunteers will add at least three new perspectives each week.

Mary K

I feel like Wilkinsburg would be a great addition to all of Pittsburgh’s current distinct, eclectic neighborhoods!

Wilson V

I think it would benefit wilkinsburg community

Wilkinsburg is already using a majority of Pittsburgh City public resources. Why wouldn’t it just merge at this point? It makes perfect sense. Even if taxes only drop slightly it’s still worth it. I am very much for this merger!

James O’Connor

We should be wary about adopting the development style the City of Pittsburgh has followed. The Penn Avenue corridor is a story of gentrification, culturally and physically, and Wilkinsburg is the next link in that chain. While Wilkinsburg needs investment, there is no reason to believe Pittsburgh has the answers.

Jodi F.

The data is compelling, making a case that Wilkinsburg should merge with Pittsburgh.

Nikki H

I completely support the merger of Wilkinsburg with Pittsburgh. Wilkinsburg has deteriorated in the past 20 years with an abundance of abandoned houses, overgrown trees, and crime ridden neighborhoods. The property taxes are way too high considering the level of service provided by the borough. I believe Pittsburgh will do a better job at helping Wilkinsburg to flourish again.

Scott G

Wilkinsburg has had trouble with the high numbers of section eight housing. This merger may only benefit home owners to lower their taxes, Perhaps they should have done their homework before paying twice what it is worth. Will rental cost go down because their property taxes have? I highly doubt it if anything it will more than likely go up. Along with your wage tax Wilkinsburg residents pay 1% The city is 3% The city is not that great, Had I wanted to live in the city I would have moved there.

We share your concern about income taxes and possible impact on renters. Keep in mind that many of our most vulnerable residents—including the elderly and those on public assistance—won’t be affected by income tax because many types of income (including pensions, Social Security, unemployment, welfare, and child support) are not taxable.

We encourage you to do the math to understand individual financial impact, and weigh your situation alongside possible benefits of merging—including access to housing resources and impacts on quality of life. 

Alani T

How can a Pittsburgh resident assist with spreading the word to other Pittsburgh residents about why they should care about this and how they can assist?

For the merger to happen, both Pittsburgh’s City Council and Wilkinsburg’s residents must vote in favor of a merger.

When City Council is approaching a vote, it would be useful for them to hear from Pittsburgh residents. Information regarding City Council districts and meetings can be found here You can use this site to stay in the loop on the merger process, or contact us to subscribe to the newsletter.

Connor Z

It’s plain simple. Wilkinsburg residents pay MORE money for the EXACT services that the city of Pittsburgh is providing. Our schools are underfunded despite some of the highest tax rates in the state. Merging with the city of Pittsburgh would immediately provide economic relief to all of the struggling families of Wilkinsburg, improve our schooling system, and enable greater economic opportunity for businesses. Our children deserve better.

Robert P

I am a strong believer in partnerships. Wilkinsburg has tried for years to go it alone. It’s time to think differently without giving up the traditions of Wilkinsburg. Regaining it’s history and becoming a vibrant community once again.

Wilkinsburg Perspectives
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